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fungus drop ep cover

OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Pixan friends!   We’re reeeeelllly proud to introduce u our new Ep.   This time one of the leading artist of the crew, the underground psytrance veteran Fungus Funk, join with one of the most uprising psyact of the twilight scene Drip Drop….   The result is this Fungus Drop Ep that litterally gonna kik your ass and soul into the festivals dancefloors this summer.   Last but not list,lose yourself into the amazing surrealicious ep artwork hand-drown by Infidel.   So,get ready to,Fungus on,Drip in and Drop wow!


V.A. The Allucinati Conspiracy – Out on the 15th of December

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V.A. The Allucinati Conspiracy

BUY – V.A. The Allucinati Conspiracy

Hallo,Hallo…yes we are here again!
As usual with some music and a message!
Dear Pixan followers…the music…you know…will be stomping,
deeply psychedelicious staff,crystal clear quality as u expect from us.
It will be not focus on a too specific psytrance genre.
It will be a journey.
From deep to dark,from dark to funk.
The message is that,it’s time to stop the rise of the liers,
the rise of who hide behind the ideals we believe in.
We don’t need anymore who wants to “Illuminate” our path.
We don’t need an eye that’s see everything ‘cos we have one that’s see also what there is not.
Our eye don’t just see,it creates reality!
Welcome to the Allucinati Conspiracy…

Distributed by BEATSPACE:

1- San & Tac – Optical Fiber Contact W & P by Tristan Guillaume and Tac Bubble

2- Fagin’s Reject – Loob W & P by Phil Getty

3- Spectralis – Binary Confusion W & P by Max G

4- Overdream – The Ritual Cocktail W & P by Maxim “Makus” Kurushyn

5- Caveman – Mood Shifter W & P by Gianluca Vocale

6- Hookers vs Dharma – A4 W & P by Andrea Girotto,Andrea Bonetti & Enrico Alpini

7- Dust – Mami Blast W & P by Andrea Lunghi

8- Fungus Funk – Power Animal W & P by Sergey Prilepa

9- Highstyle – Feta Cheese W & P by Corbin Todd-Duff


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Three is the perfect number,so,expect a lot from the third chapter of the Pixan Spectrum series. Here we are and really proud to introduce a very welcome artist in the Pixan family. Fungus Funk! Fungus Funk is Sergey Prilepa, an established psychedelic trance musician from Moscow, Russia. Sergey started producing psytrance in 1998, and he has been releasing his music internationally since 2001. Over the past 15 years, Fungus Funk has put out his compilation tracks on Acidance, Deja Vu, Goanmantra, Insomnia, Noise Conspiracy, Crystal Matrix and numerous other labels. To his credit are four well-received full length albums: ‘F-People’ (2006) on Acidance, ‘Vostok 1’ (2008) together with Samadhi on Blitz Studios, ‘Electric Grooves’ (2010) also on Blitz Studios, and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’ (2012) on his own label Unlimited Music. Additionally, Sergey also released two acclaimed EPs: ‘Tune In’ on Planet B.E.N. as Fungus Funk, and ‘Star Eater’ on Sun Station as Astroff, both in 2011. Fungus Funk’s sound is not easy to define as it incorporates features from different sub-genres of psytrance and generally tends to change from album to album. Sergey has produced tracks together with pioneers of the Russian night sound such as Kindzadza and Psykovsky, and he has stayed true to this sound in ‘Vostok 1’ and ‘Kremlin Gremlin’. However, at the same time it has not stopped the musician from producing more morning tracks with artists such as Ananda Shake, and this full-on influence can be heard in ‘Electric Grooves’ and ‘F-People’. Regardless of which version of Fungus Funk you get to experience, it is guaranteed to be full of fat well defined basslines, powerful psychedelic leads, and top-notch sequencing. Courtesy of his productive musical output and subsequent popularity in the international psytrance scene, Fungus Funk regularly travels the globe and plays his live and DJ sets at various dance music events. Among some of the bigger festivals he has appeared at are the well-known Boom Festival (Portugal), Sonica (Italy), Antaris (Germany), Transcendence (Brazil), and Hadra (France) among others. So get your copy fast and start the journey in the new Fungus Funk,Pixan style,Journey!!!

FULL FACE “The Flower Of The Partysan” Album is COMING ON JANUARY 27TH!!

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The long awaited second full length solo album of Full Face is ready. The Flower of the Partysan, as every Full Face release, is not just a pay-trance album, it’s concept, it’s a message and most importantly is the declaration of an ideal that we hope is still alive in all of us: Freedom. So again and again, stand for your right to dance, enjoy and think, no crisis can stop the life that is within us, holding flowers in our hands and keeping hope in our heart

Full Face is the solo project of Doros Grigoropoulos from Corfu, Greece. Doros that comes from a strong social activist background, started as a bass player for a hardcore punk group from 1994 to 2002 before becoming involved with psychedelic trance in the late nineties first as a fan and since 2003 as a DJ and producer. “Full Face’s” refined psychedelic style and seamless production deliver an experience that can only be described as purist. To date his releases on Pixan Recordings, Peak Records and Vantara Vichitra Records are a testament to the “Full Face” sound.



HOOKERS-early grey – OUT NOW !!!!

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Surprise, this time you are not waiting for so long and
here it is. The second part of the Spectrum Series is ready.
Introducing the freshest act from the Pixan family , the

Hookers is the new project between 2 promising psy-trance
producers, Kanyon (Andrea Girotto) and Spiru (Andrea
Bonetti) that joined Pixan Recordings in July 2013. This duo
blends fat bass lines, dynamic grooves, acid sound effects,
sharp synth lines to create a fusion of voyaging psychedelic

Early Grey E.P. will teleport you to a magical night saga to
be unravelled with trippy ,bouncing , energetic, atmospheric
and crystal clear production. It will be a mystical journey
toward a powerful psychedelic experience that awaits to
transform your reality! You will discover how to unlock your
inner desire for deeper exploration by submitting to the
moment with what flows out of your speakers and into your

Transcend to an acid sound vortex created by stricking
modulations, intricate tunes and revolutionary rhythms.

An undeniably unique live that will deliver satisfying
performances and will push the limits of anticipated
boundaries. Worldwide promoters will find themselves eager
to book them for distinctive shows.

Catch them on a dance floor near you, enjoy their
skyrocketing performance and support their unique new album
release today!

What to say more, Pixan is back! So, let yourself be
“hooked” by the vibe!



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Hallo everybody,yes the lazy Pixan is finally coming out  with his first digital EP.  This is somenthing special ‘cos it comes from one of the  newest member of the Piaxan family : Spectralis.  The head behind the psychedelic trance solo project  Spectralis is Max W. from Vienna / Austria. He was  introduced in the psychedelic Music-scene in 2004 and from  this he was infected with the virus. After visiting a lot of  partys, he decided to start djing, but after 2 years this  was not enough for him. So he started to make his own music  with his own unique psychedelic touch. After 5 years of  tweaking and composing he is now presenting you a wide range  of psychedelic sound. His music ranges from psychedelic  progressive, over mindblowing full-on, to twisted  nighttimepsy, forest and darkpsy.  This is gonna be the first of the Spectrum ep series so  expect tobe coloured all over by Pixan for long long time.


V.A.”In Blast We Trust” – Still fresh!

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Pixan Recordings Presents “In Blast We Trust”

Includes tracks by:

Dharma – Dust – Dirty Saffi & Synthetik Chaos – Archaic Collective – Ajja – Full Face – Kabayun – Sychotria – Jocid – Spectralis

Yes, yes, 21-12-2012 has passed and nothing seems to happen. Be careful friends because the circle of 12 has just finished and the era of global control has just started! This is the 12th Pixan release, just use it the other way round, it’s not a vinyl so “no satanic messages”, get these 10 tracks and… ……..laugh and dance….be happy…….happier…..and nobody can do anything to you anymore, because a happy human is the scariest weapon that we the “free people” can be against control. So, remember, always blast like its the last.

Jocid New Album

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Buy Jocid new album at BEATSPACE

New Artist and Dj!!!

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Welcome on board Spectralis and Udama,

check them out in the artists and dj team sections.

Keep it surreal V.A.

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Keep tuned for more infos!

Including new unreleased tracks by: Phase, Assioma, Ajja & Flooting Grooves, Mole, Dust & Chris Rich, Full Face, Jocid, Archaic, Whiptongue, Pantomiman.