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V.A.”In Blast We Trust” – Still fresh!

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Pixan Recordings Presents “In Blast We Trust”

Includes tracks by:

Dharma – Dust – Dirty Saffi & Synthetik Chaos – Archaic Collective – Ajja – Full Face – Kabayun – Sychotria – Jocid – Spectralis

Yes, yes, 21-12-2012 has passed and nothing seems to happen. Be careful friends because the circle of 12 has just finished and the era of global control has just started! This is the 12th Pixan release, just use it the other way round, it’s not a vinyl so “no satanic messages”, get these 10 tracks and… ……..laugh and dance….be happy…….happier…..and nobody can do anything to you anymore, because a happy human is the scariest weapon that we the “free people” can be against control. So, remember, always blast like its the last.