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Friday, October 11th, 2013












Hallo everybody,yes the lazy Pixan is finally coming out  with his first digital EP.  This is somenthing special ‘cos it comes from one of the  newest member of the Piaxan family : Spectralis.  The head behind the psychedelic trance solo project  Spectralis is Max W. from Vienna / Austria. He was  introduced in the psychedelic Music-scene in 2004 and from  this he was infected with the virus. After visiting a lot of  partys, he decided to start djing, but after 2 years this  was not enough for him. So he started to make his own music  with his own unique psychedelic touch. After 5 years of  tweaking and composing he is now presenting you a wide range  of psychedelic sound. His music ranges from psychedelic  progressive, over mindblowing full-on, to twisted  nighttimepsy, forest and darkpsy.  This is gonna be the first of the Spectrum ep series so  expect tobe coloured all over by Pixan for long long time.