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V.A. The Allucinati Conspiracy – Out on the 15th of December

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

V.A. The Allucinati Conspiracy

BUY – V.A. The Allucinati Conspiracy

Hallo,Hallo…yes we are here again!
As usual with some music and a message!
Dear Pixan followers…the music…you know…will be stomping,
deeply psychedelicious staff,crystal clear quality as u expect from us.
It will be not focus on a too specific psytrance genre.
It will be a journey.
From deep to dark,from dark to funk.
The message is that,it’s time to stop the rise of the liers,
the rise of who hide behind the ideals we believe in.
We don’t need anymore who wants to “Illuminate” our path.
We don’t need an eye that’s see everything ‘cos we have one that’s see also what there is not.
Our eye don’t just see,it creates reality!
Welcome to the Allucinati Conspiracy…

Distributed by BEATSPACE:

1- San & Tac – Optical Fiber Contact W & P by Tristan Guillaume and Tac Bubble

2- Fagin’s Reject – Loob W & P by Phil Getty

3- Spectralis – Binary Confusion W & P by Max G

4- Overdream – The Ritual Cocktail W & P by Maxim “Makus” Kurushyn

5- Caveman – Mood Shifter W & P by Gianluca Vocale

6- Hookers vs Dharma – A4 W & P by Andrea Girotto,Andrea Bonetti & Enrico Alpini

7- Dust – Mami Blast W & P by Andrea Lunghi

8- Fungus Funk – Power Animal W & P by Sergey Prilepa

9- Highstyle – Feta Cheese W & P by Corbin Todd-Duff