HOOKERS-early grey – OUT NOW !!!!












Surprise, this time you are not waiting for so long and
here it is. The second part of the Spectrum Series is ready.
Introducing the freshest act from the Pixan family , the

Hookers is the new project between 2 promising psy-trance
producers, Kanyon (Andrea Girotto) and Spiru (Andrea
Bonetti) that joined Pixan Recordings in July 2013. This duo
blends fat bass lines, dynamic grooves, acid sound effects,
sharp synth lines to create a fusion of voyaging psychedelic

Early Grey E.P. will teleport you to a magical night saga to
be unravelled with trippy ,bouncing , energetic, atmospheric
and crystal clear production. It will be a mystical journey
toward a powerful psychedelic experience that awaits to
transform your reality! You will discover how to unlock your
inner desire for deeper exploration by submitting to the
moment with what flows out of your speakers and into your

Transcend to an acid sound vortex created by stricking
modulations, intricate tunes and revolutionary rhythms.

An undeniably unique live that will deliver satisfying
performances and will push the limits of anticipated
boundaries. Worldwide promoters will find themselves eager
to book them for distinctive shows.

Catch them on a dance floor near you, enjoy their
skyrocketing performance and support their unique new album
release today!

What to say more, Pixan is back! So, let yourself be
“hooked” by the vibe!