Florence based musician, Andrea Lunghi a.k.a DUST is rising strong from the underground vaults of Looney Moon Records. His space lab located in the heart of Florence, Dust has been shaping sounds since 2004 and has enjoyed being released on a large number of compilations this year alone. Blessed with a musical range stretching from night-time haunts and forest soundz to the groove of daylight full-on, every track touched by him has that unmistakable Dusty sound. Most of us have caught a glimpse of this dusty surprise on compilations while the full-length album “I don’t like psychedelics” is eagerly awaited for release on Looney moon Rec this year. Often been suspected of either alien DNA or robotic nerves as he blazes through his Live performances and heads back to the studio where the music unfolds under his numerous guises; Mindshuffle (with the italian Ilai from 24/7), Foam (with Assioma from Looney Moon rec), Dust in Face ( with Giacomo Phase), Assault Junkies (with Thomas Peace-ka), ComaDust (with Nicola Hypogeo/Comasector) and Latin Loser ( with Giacomelli). Guaranteed to raise the dust from the floor with his monstrous Live sets – there is no escaping the Dusty sound. He just compile togheter with Tommi Pixan the last Pixan release Keep it surreal that gonna be just he first of a long series of this duo compilations…stay tune.