Joshua Gablan first started to become active in the dance music scene in early 1998. Not being able to find the sounds he wanted to play, he decided to start to make his own music, soon buying himself an Atari, a synthesizer and mixer. The next year Joshua began to work closely with Ramamurtu Gresbek and Troy Leidich, on a project they called Fungus of Light. The Israeli label Krembo Records took an interest in the new sounds they were developing, and together with Bonky they released an album in late 1999, on USTA, Krembo’s underground side label. In 1999 and 2000 the Fungus of Light project toured around Europe, playing in Israel, Spain, and some of the largest festivals, such as the Boom and Antaris in 2000.
By this time Joshua felt that he wanted to explore some new sounds on his own, and left the group to study Audio and Sound Technology for a year, all the time building on his studio, and writing new tracks. He called his solo project Jocid, and started a close relationship with Doof Records, an Israeli label. Doof released some Jocid tracks on various compilations of theirs, and then received such a positive response from them quickly signed Jocid up for a full-length album, which was released at the end of 2002. In 2003 Jocid started to work on his second album, called From Meatware to Hardware. Looking for a new label to present his newer sounds, Jocid approached Sonic Dragon Records. The second album came sortly ,called “Sonic-Addiction” It became a convincing album full of groove and strong beats.A crossover exploration that remains on the whole cd, with very a snappy melodic intend. Jocid started to play live in Japan,Russia,Berlin,Israel.That is where he present the new crossover between dark and full-on trance music to the people around the world.