Mademoiselle Chaoz

Location: Germany

Djane ChaOz was born 1978 in Munich, Germany. In 1997 after having her very first contact with psychedelic music in the legendary Natraj Temple based in Munich, she discovered her passion for this kind of sound and started collecting psytrance in diverse styles and tendencies. After dancing extensively on many nice gatherings, she experienced more and more how much energy this music can give you and how many intense feelings it can cause. So, in June 2005 she decided to try it from the other point of view – behind the decks. With a special kind of style – what she describes as “cheerful energetic freaky pumping music” – it is very important for her to communicate and to give back the energy the dancing crowd is transmitting, as well as to send them on funny psychedelic journeys. Night and twilight are her favorite times to play.