Simone Barletta, aka Ganpati, is an italian dj.
When he was twelve he starts whit vinyl. Immediately he understood that he find his way and get into underground music movement. So he starts like techno and progressive dj since 1994. At seventeen he went to Kimera Tribe set and he felt in love with goa music. But it’s just in 2005 that Simone discovered different way to recount this kind of music, at Tommy Pixan Recordings party, in Rome. That world was evolving in psytrance and the first “kick” totally blowed his mind! After few, starts the collab​oration with Tommy Pixan. This love was so strong that brought Ganpati to find the roots of this music and this is the beginning of his travel. In 2006 he played in Kho Pangan at Black Moon, Full Moon, Half Moon and Shiva Moon parties. Than he moved to Nepal and he starts to collaborate with all the underground crews from Katmandu, for a year. Here he played at Shanti Jatra and during this period knowed Andrea Kikx, the honor of Purple Hexagon Records. Actually Ganpati still played in Purple Hexagon Records and Pixan Recording and also organize parties. His selections have the taste of his continue research around the world.